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LegalStack works by loosely coupling and tightly integrating applications into a uniquely satisfying solution. Helping law firms, legal teams and corporate legal departments integrate workflow and business process.

These core principals provide the basis, and the ability, to integrate the best solution for a given business task or process.

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Inside Practice Management

An Efficient Approach to Integrating Modern Legal Technology

Inside Practice Management

This guide is designed to assist law firms, legal teams and corporate counsel with the process of selecting and integrating practice management software applications.

Mid-sized teams will find this information the most beneficial however any size firm can apply these principles in pursuit of an optimal software blend for their practice.


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January 2014, Data Equity now offers cloud software integration services.

Are you using the best software possible to manage your business?
Ask us how we can help design a software stack specifically tailored for your unique business practice.

Have you automated your workflow?
Look mom, no hands! From Client intake; to welcome letter; to proposed schedule; a solid workflow engine is your competitive edge. Consider capturing what you do uniquely from your competition in a set of business rules implemented through a software platform and it's supporting services.


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